Laurel Mayer, MD and the I.C.U.

     It will be instructive for the reader of A Death in the Hospital to learn more about how Seth was being “treated” in the Intensive Care Unit of the Allen Pavilion. 
         What is an Intensive Care Unit and what is its function in a Hospital?  The I.C.U. is designed for the sickest and most desperately ill of patients.  The Staff, Physicians, and Nurses, are supposed to be trained and skilled in the management of the most serious of Medical situations. They are dealing with patients who are desperately ill and at the borderline between life and death.  Only the most skilled of clinicians should be working in an I.C.U., since they literally are holding the patient’s life in their hands.
         It is from the deposition taken by our Lawyers of the then young and recent Medical School graduate, Dr. Laurel Mayer (Hecht) that the reader can gain a glimpse of the horror our son faced in the I.C.U. of the Allen Pavilion of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York.

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