He would not have been shaking violently in his bed, repetitively slamming his legs against the illegal restraints, that led to the pulmonary emboli that were to kill him.   He would have been at rest and calm.   It is so important to achieve this state in the patient in withdrawal, that if necessary, the patient should be hooked up to a respirator.  That is, a tube should be put into the patient’s trachea and he/she should be connected to a device that pumps air into and out of the lungs at a steady rate.
     The reader of Laurel Mayer Hecht’s deposition is left with a major question.  Why was Dr. Bertsch’s order not carried out to the letter?  The one and only conclusion is that Laurel Mayer was left on her own to try her hand at becoming a Doctor. There is absolutely no indication that anyone senior to her was supervising her.
      So, what then was her preparation for the serious Medical responsibilities she was now given?  What was there in her training that prepared her for the placing of our precious son’s life in her hands?
      It is so heart-wrenching for us, Seth’s parents, to read her responses to these questions.  Over and over in her deposition, when asked just how she “learned” to treat withdrawal in the way she did, she would state only, “I don’t remember.”  She did not “remember” reading anything about benzodiazepine and specifically Xanax withdrawal, she did not read the Physicians Desk Reference about Xanax or

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