Ativan, and in fact she did not consult anything in the Medical literature about what she was now permitted to do.
     What Dr. Laurel Mayer (Hecht) did remember at her deposition was that she was given the authority to order Ativan for Seth “without consulting a more senior person.”   This means that it was her “call” as to how to treat our son with no one supervising.  If the nurses felt he was “too agitated” or if she considered this to be the case, she was now Seth’s “Doctor” and could treat him as she saw fit.
      But, tragically, she was following the wrong course of treatment!   In fact, her “treatment” required the use – we know now – of “deadly restraints.”
     As part of her admission orders to the I.C.U., Laurel Mayer wrote an order for “5-point restraints.”   Dr. Mayer never cancelled these deadly restraints   and they continued to be applied to Seth until the evening of August 26, 1993, the night before Seth died.
     While Laurel Mayer was given the authority by Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to order restraints be put on our son, in response to a question as to whether she knew the risks, her only response was, “I don’t know.”

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