"Today he can discover his errors of yesterday,
      and tomorrow he can obtain a new light on
          what he thinks himself sure of today"

                            from the Oath of Maimonides


Who Killed Seth Speken At Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
                                 in the City of  New York  

"Rhabdomyolysis is a syndrome characterized by injury to skeletal muscle with subsequent release of intracellular contents" (Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide Sixth Edition. Judith Tintinalli, et.al., American College of Emergency Physicians, 2003 p.1749)
        Creatine Phosphokinase (CK) is one of the enzymes released when muscle is damaged. According to the chapter on Rhabdomyolysis in the above text (p.1749), an increase in CK greater than 5 times its normal value makes the diagnosis. "…CK begins to rise approximately 2 to 12 h after the onset of muscle injury, peaks within 24 to 72 h, and then declines at the relatively constant rate of 39 percent of the previous day’s value." (p. 1749).
        Damaged muscle cells also release the oxygen-binding protein myoglobin (p. 1750). Myglobinuria damages the kidneys and renal failure can result.
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