This background information is needed to understand why Seth died. The document will refer to the following graph and elaborate on what it tells us.  The letters on the graph are set next to Sethís CK level at specific times in the course of the medical atrocity that killed him:

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What does this graph tell us?

1. The reader can see that at Point A, Sethís CK level taken in the emergency room on Saturday, August 21, 1993, was normal (just below 100 units/liter). This was the baseline reading (see CK column) with the hospitalís normal range from 24 - 195 u/l.

      2. Draw a line (that is, extrapolate) from the actual readings taken in the hospital (D, E, and F) to Point B on Tuesday, August 24, at approximately 2am.   Point B was after Seth was first tied up in restraints and the CK jumps from normal to 4400 u/l.  Seth was violently struggling against the restraints because of untreated xanax withdrawal. The resulting muscle damage caused the rhabdomyolysis and associated injury to the blood vessels in his legs.

      3. If you extrapolate to Point C on Tuesday morning, August 24, at
approximately 9am when the intern Noah Berkowitz came in after failing to transfer Seth the night before, the CK reading is at 3900 u/l.

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