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It was approximately at that time when the director of Neurology at the Allen Pavilion, Dr. David L. Sagman arrives to see Seth "violently shaking in restraints." Where was the ward attending, Dr. Robert Goodman, M.D. when this medical emergency was occurring?

4. My husband and I were told that Seth was going to be transferred to the Psychiatric service the previous afternoon (Monday,  August 23) to be sedated and withdrawn from xanax.  By the time Dr. David L. Sagman arrived Tuesday morning, because Seth had not been transferred or sedated,  his condition was life-threatening.  He should have been transferred to the ICU immediately.  Dr. Robert Goodman, as ward attending and fully licensed physician, was responsible for the safe care of patients on his unit.  Yet, he has only one note on the entire chart and there are no other references to him.  Obviously he was not "continuously" monitoring, etc. as the law required.
     Dr. David L. Sagman, when he saw Seth Tuesday morning, August 24, acted as though he had forgotten that he had made the diagnosis of "modified benzodiazepine withdrawal" on Sunday, August 22, 1993.  Rather than acknowledging that a terrible mistake had been made by the intern Noah C. Berkowitz ( who had left the previous day without transferring Seth to the Psychiatric service) Drs. Sagman, Eric D. Collins (the Psychiatric resident), and Berkowitz acted as though they did not know the cause of Seth's rapid deterioration.

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