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     In my opinion, this was a cover-up, plain and simple, designed to protect themselves should it become known that Seth had not been transferred to the Psychiatric service the previous afternoon. The intern Noah Berkowitz had to be protected. After all, he had just graduated medical school (with an M.D. and Ph.D., no less). His father was the chief of Cardiology at a prominent New Jersey Hospital as well as being on the staff of Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Sagman was less than 5 years away from retirement after a career of being head of Neurology at the Allen Pavilion of Presbyterian Hospital since 1988.
     And where was Dr. Robert Goodman, the ward director, when all this was happening?

5. By not transferring Seth on Monday, August 23, Berkowitz set in motion the chain of events that led to Seth’s being killed from lethal restraints.  In his note of Tuesday, August 24, he attempts to blame my husband when in fact he was the one at fault. The reader can review all this in more detail.

     6. In spite of the dangerous condition he was in, Seth did not arrive at the ICU until around 2pm on Tuesday, August 24.            
    The nursing notes make it clear that he was not putting out urine and he was extremely agitated and hitting against the restraints with his arms and legs.
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