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students who were encouraged to learn from their mistakes.

8.   The restraining and agitation continued in the ICU.  At 7pm, he finally put out  "amber-colored urine" (indicating renal damage due to myoglobinuria).  He is still reported to be extremely agitated at 10:45pm on Tuesday, August 24.   Rather than being "sedated to the point of intubation" as Dr. Bertsch correctly understood, the intern Dr. Laurel E. Mayerís orders for minimal doses of medication are totally inadequate. These decisions of this intern on her first medical rotation were inhuman.
       The reader should pause to reflect on what was happening in the Allen Pavilion Intensive Care Unit where my sonís life was entrusted (as well as the other poor souls in there). In an ICU with the most desperately ill and suffering human beings, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York was permitting the most untrained of students to be making life and death decisions.  Human life was less important to the hospital than saving money for big salaries.

9.      The CK at point D is recorded as received in the laboratory at 10:17am on Wednesday, 8/25.  This is the first actual CK reading taken since the emergency room. Unbelievable! The value of 2456 u/l indicates that Seth was still in rhabdomylosis.  Seth is still being tied down by lethal restraints.  This was a gross violation of the restraint protocol.

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