This essay should be read as an addition to "A Death in the Hospital." It contains new information that deepens the reader's understanding of the case.|
     The Hon. Sherry Klein-Heitler (who had the gall to tell me, "you have a weak case, Mrs. Speken") threatened to dismiss the case if we didnít accept the settlement and gag order. We decided to accept neither. Now, because of the internet, this atrocity is in front of the whole world. Our freedom of speech is more important to us than any amount of money.
     As I stood up to try speak to her in the courtroom, Judge Klein-Heitler said nothing when my lawyer came up from the other side of the table and slammed me on the back to shut me up.  She threatened that she was going to close the case immediately and we would be financially ruined by a libel suit from the hospital.  I was terrified when she said, "Think of your two daughters, Mrs. Speken."
     The reader of this document will learn exactly why Judge Klein-Heitler

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