would never permit the atrocity of Seth’s death to go before a jury.
     But first, a question has come up as to where my husband and I were during the 66+ hours of illegal restraining that led to Seth’s death. I will discuss this first before proceeding to a detailed analysis of how the restraints killed our son.
     From around the age of 16, until his death, Seth suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. While his condition showed some improvement, it never left him and he was often totally incapacitated. He was out a significant number of days during Hunter College High School, but was able to finish and go on to college.
     As time went on, Seth was also troubled by periodic attacks of anxiety. He attempted to obtain help from counseling and biofeedback, but found little relief.     The only medication that helped was the xanax my husband prescribed for him.  He took it responsibly for around 2 years prior to his death, and was able to attend his college classes without panic symptoms.

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