As time went on Seth was troubled by his dependence on the medication. He consulted a locally well-known psychiatrist who supported my husband’s treatment approach and recommended Seth take the antidepressant elavil as well.
    In the month prior to his death, Seth became increasingly depressed. He consulted with another psychiatrist during this time.
     I was to learn after studying the chart that Seth told the medical trainee just prior to his death, that he thought he had withdrawn himself too abruptly from xanax, and this precipitated the seizure that brought him to the hospital.
     Whatever the cause of the seizure,  my husband gave both Drs. Hewitt (the director of the emergency room) and Sagman (the neurologist who saw him on the unit) a report that Seth was physiologically dependent on the xanax he had been prescribing.
     So the question is:  Where were my husband and I during the 66+ hours Seth was being restrained and mistreated?
     It must first be understood that my husband considered Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to be one of the world’s greatest hospitals, staffed by many of the world’s greatest physicians.  My husband was very upset

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