CITY OF NEW YORK


                            REPORT OF AUTOPSY
                            CASE NO. M93-6833

I hereby certify that I, Shirley H. Smith, M.D., City Medical

Examiner I, have performed an autopsy on the body of Seth

Speken on the 28th day of August, 1993 commencing at 9:00 am

in the Manhattan Mortuary in the presence of Drs. Alandy and


EXTERNAL EXAMINATION: The body is that of a well developed, well nourished, white man, measuring 5'6" in length and weighing 175
lbs. appearing the given age of 23 years.


The scalp hair is wavy, black, 2" in length. There is a 1/8"
stubble of facial hair. The irides are brown. The conjunctivae
are pale with no evidence of jaundice, hemorrhage or petechiae.
The oral cavity contains natural teeth. A 1/2" x1/4" vesicular
rash is present at the right corner of the mouth. The anterior and
posterior aspects of the torso are symmetrical. The upper and
lower extremities are symmetrical. The genitalia are that of a
circumcised male.


POST MORTEM CHANGES: Rigor mortis is strong. Liver mortis is
blanching and present on the back. The body is cool to touch.

SCARS: There is a faint well-healed scar in the right lower
quadrant of the abdomen measuring 2 1/2 by 1/8"

TATTOOS: No tattoos are found.

CLOTHING: When first viewed, the body is unclad.


THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURES: Puncture sites are noted in the right and
left antecubital fossae and the right femoral area. The dorsa of
both right and left wrists are shaved.

INJURIES: Several facial abrasions (excoriations) are noted on

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