Ambulance Report

A Death in the Hospital /Ambulance Report

Seth had 2 ambulance rides. The first of these was the ride in the Emergency Medical Service bus that took him from our home to the Allen Pavilion. On the transfer sheet, there is no mention of Xanax. Both I and Seth’s mother were out, he was only with his then 10 year old sister. He had just hit his head on the floor, having fallen from the seizure. In his delirious, post-ictal state, the issue of the Xanax was erased from his mind.

The second ambulance ride was from the ICU of the Allen Pavilion, straight to his death at the main campus of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. The drive was approximately 3 miles. Both his pulse and his pressure were high. He must have been very upset. The technician notes that “Psych first aid” had to be administered.