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A Death in the Hospital /Columbia Health Care Team

Following are links to the lists of physician trainees and Attending physicians who were supposed to be caring for our son Seth.

It should be noted that there is no indication of any involvement in the treatment by a 2nd year Post Graduate Medical Resident. This is a gross violation of the rules of the Accreditation Committee on Graduate Medical Education.


Clinical Experience as of August, 1993 Comments
Noah Berkowitz 2 months
Beverly Ortiz 2 months
Laurel Mayer 2 months
Kelly Jackson 2 months
Li (first name, unknown) 2 months


Clinical Experience as of
August, 1993

Tom Bertsch Fellow, ICU His order for withdrawal treatment was correct. Order ignored by Laurel Mayer and the others.
Mat Mower Unknown Managed “Code”

Psychiatry Residents

Clinical Experience as of August, 1993 Comments
Eric Collins Third Year Psychiatry resident. Received medical license on 3/93
Mary Bongiovi Third Year Psychiatry Resident
S. Seidman First Year Psychiatry Resident

Attending Physicians

Robert R. Goodman, M.D. – now a world famous Neurosurgeon – may have been the leader of the Columbia Health Care Team entrusted with Seth’s care. His name is listed as the Attending Physician at the top of every single page containing notes of the students’ malpractice (including the ICU). With the exception of his one brief note, there is no indication that he provided one iota of supervision to the inexperienced student doctors. Nor is there any indication that he was involved in any way with Seth’s care.  Dr. Goodman was ultimately responsible for our son’s tragic death. In Seth’s memory, Dr. Goodman’s watchword must forever be, “Never Again!”

Dr. Kevin Hewitt Attending, uncertified Current E.R. Director
Dr. David Sagman Director of Neurology, Allen Pavilion  
Dr. Robert Goodman Ward Director, Allen  
Dr. Debra Aronson ICU Attending  
Dr. P. Gordon ICU Attending  
Dr. C. Johannes Asst. Unit Director, P.I  
Dr. Ann Swen (?) Psych. Attending, P.I  
Dr. Ann Geller Medical Attending wrote final chart note

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