Columbia Presbyterian Restraint Protocol
     The 2 page protocol seen by clicking below reveals the rules
of  The Presbyterian Hospital (including the Allen Pavilion) regarding
the use of restraints.
     In their application of these restraints on Seth, the Hospital broke
its own rules.  First the Protocol standard
is described, then the way the Hospital broke its standard.
A.  "Any limitation of a patient's movement for the purpose of protecting
      the patient or others from injury should be initiated only after less
      restrictive methods have failed."
                This rule was clearly broken.  If Seth would have been put
                deeply asleep there would have been no need for restraints
                except briefly while the sedating medicatio was delivered.
B.  "The use of restraint devices:  camisole, full or partial restraining net and 
      four point ankle and wrist restraints are NOT permitted in general care units."
                 Seth was kept in restraints for over 12 hours on a "general care unit"
                 before being transferred to the ICU.
C.  "Family should be given explanations of:
            1.  Need for device
            2.  Reassurance that staff will check frequently to assure that the patient's
                 needs are met and that the device is still required.
                 We were never notified that Seth had been put in restraints at all.
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