"Crimes and Misdemeanors"

          In December, 2001, we wrote a document questioning certain activities of Noah Berkowitz, M.D., Ph.D., while he was a student at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Berkowitz did his medical residency training at the NCI that was completed in June, 1998. Shortly after completing his training, Physician Choice Inc., a company he started while still a student at the NCI was bought for $1,000,000 by a New York based cancer information company known as IMPATH.
          The interested reader, following the link given below, can read "Noah Berkowitz the NIH Years" including all exhibits. We raised the question as to how a student, still in the midst of training, could possibly initiate and operate a company that the IMPATH marketing literature described as "a leading provider of post-clinical, pre-marketing, cost/benefit analyses to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in connection with new oncology drugs entering the marketplace." Two months after completion of his medical residency training, IMPATH stated "Dr. Noah Berkowitz, the founder of PCI, brings impressive credentials as an academic oncologist and immunologist. His experience with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies relating to clinical trial design, efficacy evaluation, pharmacoeconomic studies and market assessment greatly enhances our capabilities in the information services area."
          We asked how it was possible for a student in residency training to do all this?  Did he do this with the use of Government information he had access to while still a student at the National Cancer Institute? What exactly was IMPATH buying for $1,000,000 and were there other beneficiaries of this money at the NCI?
          Our original document was sent to the United States, Senate Health Committee, the
Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Postal Inspector (upon their request). We never
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