Laboratory Data:
     The laboratory findings are displayed on 8 pages. It is significant that
the positive urine Toxicology screen for Benzodiazepine taken in the Emergency Room
is missing from the chart.  The existence of this positive Toxicology was reported
in both the transfer note of the intern on 8/26/93 as well as the psychiatric transfer
note of Dr. Bongiovi on the same date. 
     The intern Dr. Berkowitz ordered this test which is designed to determine the 
presence of a Benzodiazepine like Xanax. Would Dr. Berkowitz and his missing 
supervisors have appreciated this positive test, they would have realized that Seth's
denial of his use of Xanax (which I had fully reported in the E.R.) was due to 
Delirium. Tragically, there is no indication that Dr. Berkowitz followed up on the test
which he himself ordered.
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