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7.  My husband was called by the intern Berkowitz to come to the hospital immediately in the late morning, Tuesday, August 24.  He told him only that the "doctors" were worried Seth might have a heart attack and he would be transferred to the ICU.   Ralph rushed to the hospital in a panic and was kept totally in the dark that Seth had not been transferred the previous day for the correct treatment.
      In the ICU my husband was met by Dr. Thomas W. Bertsch (now practicing in California on probation).  Bertsch identified himself as the "Director of the ICU." In fact, he was lying and was only at the start of his 2nd year of residency.  My husband had no way of knowing that the Allen Pavilion Intensive Care Unit of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York was being run by unsupervised students.
      Nevertheless, this student doctor seems to have known the correct treatment. Tragically, the intern Dr. Laurel E. Mayer who the chart indicates was most involved with Seth's care in the ICU did not follow Dr. Bertsch’s order.  There was no fully trained and experienced critical care physician supervising either Dr. Bertsch or Dr. Mayer to insure that Seth would receive the correct treatment.  Our precious son had become "training material" for
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