(From Dr. Laurel E. Mayer’s Deposition, June 6, 1996)


                                                                Mayer                                                    55

                   A.    The plan was to continue the Ativan and to


5                           continue to follow his vital signs and to increase the

6                           Ativan if his vital signs remained elevated or and the

7                           patient became more agitated and it was to follow his

8                           sensorium as he continued to be delerious and

9                           disoriented that morning.  And the plan was to monitor

10            for further seizures and to follow his CPK.
(In other words, Dr. Laurel E. Mayer’s “plan” was to keep Seth arousable and fighting the restraints that were to kill him.)

 22            Q.      Did Dr. Bertsch on the rounds the morning
                of the 25th make any recommendations by way of
               treatment of Seth?
               A.   I don’t remember.