Introduction to Doctors' Notes:

     The Doctors' Notes are presented in a series of Frames. The Left Frame
contains the translated note.  If the Fractal Viewer Plug-Ins are installed, in
Internet Explorer, the actual chart note can be seen in the Right Frame by 
clicking on the link for Image in the Left Frame. When the link is clicked, the
image gradually emerges in the Right Frame.  In Netscape Navigator,  when
the link for the image is clicked in the Left Frame it gradually emerges in the
whole screen. See How to View Doctors' Notes on working with the images.
     When viewing the framed, translated chart, either frame can be expanded.
Simply grab the vertical bar separating Left from Right Frame, and move it
either to the left or right with the mouse. 
     Occasionally, in manipulating the vertical bar, the screen will break into
3 frames. If that occurs, note the page, click on the menu item "Go" 
and then "start".  Then click on the desired page from the links listed on this
Introduction to Doctors' Notes.

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of Doctors' Notes

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Click a link below for the page in Doctors' Notes

Note:  To Return to this Introduction Page, click on the
            menu item "Go".  Then click "start".
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