double-bill to Medicaid.   The University directed its attending physicians to sign charts long after a delivery was performed by a midwife – this could be from the next day to weeks or even months later.  To cover their tracks, the University had to convince ‘phantom’ doctors to sign charts as though they were present in the delivery room when they were not.  It was the job of the whistleblower who exposed the scheme to find doctors and bribe them with $50 per chart for their signatures.

             So once again, our dysfunctional healthcare system sanctioned an operation that for over 10 years placed human life at risk for what was for them the more important goal of profit.

            These fraudulent activities at one of the world’s most prestigious medical centers, the New York Presbyterian system,  was just one of many dangerous abuses that have occurred in New York State.

The Hospital’s Motive ?

             Why would the Medical Center take such risks by engaging in acts that are obvious crimes?  One clue can be found by examining the salaries of the executive staff of the Medical Center.
           As reported in the New York Times, the CEO of New York-Presbyterian Medical Center, Dr. Herbert Pardes, “received more than $4.3 million in compensation in 2004, plus $1.2 million in contributions to his employee benefit plan.”  Dr. Pardes is clearly one of the winners in the National Capitalist model of healthcare. His most recent salary is up to $5.9 million dollars annually. His lavish lifestyle has gained him media attention.   Search "Pardes" in the highly recommended site: "Where the Money Goes" for more information. ( At "search WTMG"  enter "Pardes")
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