As reported in the New York Sun , following are a sample of salaries earned by executives and executive physicians at New York Presbyterian Hospital in 2003:

       “Excecutive Staff Member                                      Salary 

Executive Vice President Dr. Michael Berman

$1,700,000 plus  $1,400,000 in “benefits”

Senior Vice Presidents:
     Maxine Fass
     Richard D’Aquilla
     Cynthia Sparer

More than $750,000 plus $150,000 in “benefits”

 Steve Corwin, M.D.

$950,000 plus $181,000 in “benefits”

Chief Financial Officer, Phyllis Lantos *

$852,000 plus $225,000 in “benefits”


(*Note: Ms. Lantos was formerly Vice President for Financial Services at Montefiore Medical Center  for 20 years during a time of major alleged financial fraud by that Hospital. .  Her “financial skills” now are being put to use at Columbia University)

     And that’s not even counting the practicing physicians at New York Presbyterian

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