settlements by leading universities is showing how vulnerable the system has become to abuse.”

                 As one of his last acts in office, New York State Governor George Pataki announced that his final budget would propose a new State agency to “battle theft” in Medicaid.  This was welcome news, but came at the end of a 12-year administration that progressively weakened the capabilities of any of the existing agencies that were mandated to unearth just the types of abuse taking place at the Allen Pavilion and the Weill Cornell Medical College

               The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

      In March of 2005, it was announced that U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie was investigating allegations, denied by the University, that it had intentionally submitted fraudulent claims to the Medicare program totaling over $1,400,000.

     In the case of UMDNJ, however, the Federal attorney did not stop there. A detailed investigation is ongoing into the overall operations of the University and has already  found potentially provable criminal conduct.  UMDNJ currently has a Federal monitor and is operating under a Federal deferred prosecution agreement.

     UMDNJ, including the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine, has over 4500 students in its various schools as well as a full-time faculty and staff of over 11,000. It is the Nation’s largest healthcare university. The various hospitals and clinics have over 2 million patient visits annually.

      On December 29, 2005, Mr. Christie announced that the University had defrauded the Government out of at least $4,900,000 in the “purposeful over-billing of Medicare.” It was reported that the Hospital administration had sanctioned this over-billing “for years.” 

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