procedures during a 3-year period?   The amount of injury and death to non-Medicare patients at the Tenet Redding California Hospital is uninvestigated and unknown.

         Our final point of this discussion of UMDNJ is a question.  Of the many cases of alleged fraud we have discussed above, in how many would similar abuses be found were there to be a vigorous criminal investigation of the hospitals? 

                                        The Great Hospital Heist


     Finally, here is an example of an egregious scheme concocted under National Capitalism to keep the dysfunctional healthcare system profitable.

     A great shock often awaits the uninsured when they go to pay their medical bills.  More often than not, the bill a patient without insurance is expected to pay the hospital is much higher than the bill an insurance company would have to reimburse the hospital for the same service. For the uninsured patient,  the hospital will use the full panoply of collection techniques. These include referring the unpaid bill to a collection agency and going to Court to seize the assets of the uninsured patient.   More than 50% of all personal bankruptcies are due to an inability to pay medical bills.

     In New York State, after collection efforts are abandoned (presumably leaving many impoverished and on welfare, having lost all their money trying to pay their medical bills), the hospitals then turn to a fund set up by the State to pay uncollected patient debt.  Shamelessly, hospitals often defraud the State by presenting charges that are 100% (or even more) higher than the amount of money they actually spent in providing the care.   


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