Finance Reform

         The various articles in present a broad vision for healthcare reform.  There is a long-overdue need in the United States for a well-regulated, Federally financed healthcare system - a system with regulators to enforce the practice of safe medicine.   Our healthcare system must be based on the sanctity of human life as the highest value, not the focus on profit that is central to the workings of National Capitalism.

          A Federally financed healthcare system (“single payer”) is needed before an effective regulatory system can be put into place (we have suggested a National Medical Board under which the 50 State Boards are subsumed and which would then implement regulatory reform.)  Dr. Don Sloan’s recently published book, Practicing Medicine Without a License: The Corporate Takeover of Healthcare in America (Caveat Press, 2006),  provides the most comprehensive guide to the ways in which corruption has led us into the current healthcare morass.  The book presents a powerful argument as to why single payer financing is urgently needed in the United States.

          Of course, the healthcare industry is "tooling up" to ensure that powerful politicians are brought into line and never back such a system. It was recently reported, for example, that the health insurance industry has already funneled over $1,000,000 into Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign coffers.

          In signing up for the “100k lives Campaign” of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), hospitals were told that “Each participant, and not IHI, is responsible for the truth, completeness and accuracy of any and all submitted data submitted by such participant to the Campaign, and all such information is used in the Campaign “as is” by
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