IHI without verification.”
           In other words, Dr. Berwick is telling the public that the healthcare system can be trusted. But given all the documented iatrogenic injury, death, and fraud in the system, can this assertion be believed?  Is there any other institution in our culture -- for example the airline industry, the automobile industry, service providers such as the police, fire and utility industry, the insurance industry, the financial industry, etc -- where the public would be content with accepting the word that they were “doing the right thing?"    
           No. What the public needs and wants is for physicians like Dr. Don Berwick (who earned over $500,000 for his entrepreneurial efforts) and Dr. Herb Pardes (who makes over $6,000,000 a year) to become part of a national medical regulatory system.  The Institute of Healthcare Improvement, the National Patient Safety Foundation, the Government’s Agency for Healthcare Reform and Quality, and others have developed valuable insights into how medical care can be safely delivered. Now, these insights must be mandated and not be, as they are now, voluntary.  It is as though in healthcare regulation currently there are Ten Suggestions rather than Ten Commandments.


                                                     The People, Yes?


     There is a conflict between “We, the People” and National Capitalism.  On the one hand our Constitution directs us to improve the “common good”, and on the other, it gives us the right to “…pursue happiness.”  More often than not, the pursuit of happiness means the pursuit of the wealth of National Capitalism.
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