from the system. The ‘corporatization’ of healthcare has become a major profit center in the workings of National Capitalism.   
       But in the need to generate profit from human suffering and disease, our system of National Capitalism has clashed head on with the social responsibility of providing uniform, high quality healthcare to all our citizens. Thus, the depressing abuses described by Barlett and Steele.  As the reader will see, these abuses are reminiscent of those tolerated under National Socialism.
        Our profit driven healthcare system functions in a cesspool of fraud.  But, in healthcare, fraud is not just about the money.  Healthcare fraud leads to suffering and death. Our healthcare system is not just ‘critical’ as in the title of Barlett and Steele’s book, our health care system is ‘terminal.’ 
         Terminal Condition documents the depth and extent of fraud in American healthcare, the resulting injury and death of patients,  and the extraordinary efforts the healthcare industry has gone to divert the public’s attention from the issue.


                                     Healthcare Fraud – A Brief Survey

     Since profit is the highest value under National Capitalism, profiting from deception – fraud – is a major component of its functioning. Donald Rumsfeld has said that “Free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things…” The crime of fraud is endemic in our culture.

      The United States Government has a most ingenious way of attempting to get a handle on all the fraud committed against it by capitalizing on the spirit of greed in the
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