American psyche. It does this through the False Claims Act.  Individuals are encouraged to ‘blow the whistle’ where they have knowledge of fraud and are given a percentage of the money the government recoups in an action against the perpetrator (Qui Tam claim).
       To give the reader some small idea of the extent of the healthcare fraud in the United States, the following is list of 36 successful cases in which the Government recouped money from fraudulent healthcare providers.  Each example has hyperlinks that lead to detailed explanations of the alleged fraud.  Usually the Government demands only partial repayment of the money and the alleged perpetrator is not criminally charged.  Bank robbers would be envious.

Note:  The acronym “PATH violation” refers to Physicians at Teaching Hospitals. Medicare/Medicaid requires that an attending physician actually be present to treat a patient in order for the hospital to be reimbursed.  A violation is issued and no reimbursement is allowed when the patient is treated only by an unsupervised doctor in training.

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