8-27-93   Nursing Admission Summary
Transferred in from Allen - 23 year old Psychology student.
History of panic attacks, fearful of crowds, able to
continue (?with) school for the past 2 years only by
taking Xanax 4mg/day - Being treated by own father.
Had a "seizure" 2 weeks ago at home. Patches of reddened
areas over nose & face from falling on face.
Seizure patient attributes from rapid Xanax tapering.
Admit to Allen - last week became delusional
& out of control, needed restraints. Presently
alert/oriented x2.  Tearful episodes & depressed
Denies suicidal ideation at present.
                                    (illegible name)  RN
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8/27/93   Attending
	Patient arrived via ambulance from Allen Pavilion at 1pm
	approximately.  He was interviewed by nursing
	until 1:20/pm then by Dr. Seidman, PGY II, until
	3:30/pm.  At approximately 3:40/pm Dr. Seidman
	spoke with patient who at that time was in the bathroom
	with door closed.  At approximately 4:10/pm
	patient was discovered in his bathroom unresponsive
	Patient was nude, sitting on floor between
	wall & toilet. (toilet contained stool)
	cardiac arrest was immediately called, CPR
	began- Patient intubated. 4:30/pm patient was
	pronounced dead.
                                                 Ann Geller(?), M.D.
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