(continuation of Intern Berkowitz note of Sunday, 8/22/93)
		        Lungs             CTA(Clear to Auscultation)
		        Abd(omen)     +B(owel)S(ounds)  SNVD(?)
                        Neuro             A&OX3 (Alert and Oriented
                                               Non focal
Imp(ression):     S(tatus)P(ost) seizure + Elavil toxicity
                         Neuro - awaiting neuro consult
                         C(ardio)Vascular) - On telemetry (?) last night
                         Tox(icology) - As A (Aspirin is negative), urine toxicology pending
                         WBC - probably post ictal (?)
                                                                                 /(Noah Berkowitz initials) 7089
8/22/93   Intern Add(ition)
H(ome #) 718-601-7208
Office       212-988-4800
                                                                                 /(Noah Berkowitz initials) 7089
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8/22/93              Neurology
     23 year old recent college graduate in remission from Crohn's
disease (had onset of anxiety - panic attacks several years ago - when
Crohn's became quiescent).  Uses Ativan/Valium intermittently - he says
"none since May" - father says "still in use."  Long history tremor (like his
     Started on Amitriptyline 2 weeks ago - as dose was raised to 60 mg
qhs (ie, at bedtime) he had symptomatic orthostasis (i.e., hypotension).
Yesterday, while standing from sitting position, he had a G(rand)M(al)
seizure with facial abrasions as result.
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