(a section of the EKG strip is presented here - see image)

5:30 P(M)     orthostatics: O------->130/80   P(ulse)-96   (B/P)150/90   P-106
                     Patient received a+ox3 (completely alert and oriented) - 
                     full R.Om (range of movements) - undigested food noted
                     on clothing + emesis basin - 12 lead EKG done
                     STACH (?)  HR(heart rate) 106, M.D. aware----.see above
                     monitor strip  Presents with R/L #1 W/O (?) finished - now #2
                     R/L KVO (?) - Pulse of 96 (Radial Artery)  side rails up - Status Post
                     "passing out" can't recall incident-->EMS called by sister who
                     witnessed incident, denies chest pain, +pulses, pending
                     M.D. evaluation------------------------->D. Peterson, R.N.
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7p(m)  Seen by Dr. Hewitt, cbc, chem(istries)7, PtPh(?), SMAC20 +
STAT elavil level sent to lab-->transported to CT scan (by?) house M.D.
on port(able) cardiac monitor  H(eart)R(ate) 120 - B/P 150/70
R(espirations)-20, denies any pain or discomfort - D. Peterson (R.N.)
7:30p(m)-Back from XR(ay)-had head CT(scan) done-attached(?) to 
wall PM(?) - N(ormal)S(inus)R(hythm) in no acute distress - 
Labs as follows:
137   101   14                                                            15.1
-------------------<84                                17.7(?)                        253
?         21   1.2                                               4.98      44.3
                                                                         CT of head (pre) - negative
Hct (?)<
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7:55p - EKG to be done #2 - (illegible name) RN
8P(M)- EKG done and read by Dr. Hewitt - (illegible name) RN
9:05p    BP-140/90 p(ulse)-102 R(espirations)20  MAR(medical admitting resident(?)
             in and evaluated patient - for A(dmission?)
(?)      - Dilantin ? /N(ormal)S(aline) 100cc to run over 30 minutes via
             IVAC pump
pt(patient) continuously on cardiac monitor for monitoring
9:45 p(m) - patient for admission - (illegible name)
9 (?) --to go to 2 RE (river east) - (illegible name) - awaiting transport
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