to take his place. We were told if we did not agree to Mr. Frankís request it would not go well for us. Mr. Frank would write a letter that would be "devastating to our case." But we did as we were told by Mr. Moore and Mr. Frank. Later after Court that day Mr. Frank told us that we had a "very good case." "Donít settle," he told us, "or I wonít get any money." We did not know what he was talking about and he refused to give an explanation.

     By this point, we were under severe emotional stress but still had confidence in Mr. Moore. Over the next week there were "negotiations" between Mr. Moore and Columbia. We were subsequently told there were 8 negotiating sessions with the Judge. We were present at 3 of these. We were asked what we "wanted". We gave a figure of 1.5 million dollars. This seemed hardly excessive to us since Paula Jones received $850,000 for a much less important matter. We also picked this figure since we had read in the newspaper this is around the amount of the hospital presidentís yearly salary. We also knew that Columbia would find this amount unacceptable and would be forced into trial.

     During the week before July 8, 1999, Mr. Moore indicated that he was going to obtain a new Trial Counsel. This lawyer was needed to conduct the trial. He told us he would definitely "find someone". We were called to meeting with a law firm who, he told us, would take the case. When we met with them, however, they had no intention of going to trial and would only work with us for the purpose of settlement negotiations.

     We still had great confidence in Mr. Moore. He assured us that he would definitely obtain a new trial counsel. He told us not to worry, and that he had no intentions to settle. In any case, no offer was mentioned to us. Moore told us that Columbiaís lawyer had indicated she had a witness list of 13 people and intended a long trial. This is what we wanted, we told Mr. Moore. He told us to "standby". That is, be ready. He was "still looking" for another lawyer and trial would begin any day. The emotional was intense, but we were prepared.

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